Phase 2A – Deep Water Intake

We’ve posted a Phase 2A project update newsletter, which includes input and questions we received at the June 21 Open House meeting at the Volente Fire Hall. We’ve answered many of the questions we heard in the newsletter – which was mailed to those who signed up at the meeting. We’ve also posted a project FAQ and Document page.

If there are other questions you have, or other input you’d like to provide to the project team, you can do so by commenting on this blog post.

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  1. Judy Graci Says:

    The BCRUA was formed as a transportation district and does not have the power of eminent domain in the Village of Volente without its consent. The project’s recommended intake site is in an existing Volente residential neighborhood. The Village of Volente passed a resolution that opposes the construction and operation of the industrial deep-water intake facility, raw water pipelines, or related facilities within its municipal boundaries. The Village urges the BCRUA to respect the Village of Volente’s right and responsibility to control developments within its boundaries to protect the health and welfare of its citizens.

    The BCRUA needs 11 permits form the Village. How many permanent and temporary easements are required? The proposed 84″ pipeline is constructed by open-cut trenching through the neighborhood and down Lime Creek Road, the single access road for Volente. Considering eminent domain and Volente’s zoning restrictions, is Phase 1 constructing a pipeline to nowhere?

  2. admin Says:

    Thank you for your input. All comments are reviewed and considered as part of the project’s due diligence.

    The BCRUA Board approved Site 4, located at the mouth of the Sandy Creek Arm of Lake Travis, as the recommended location of the deep-water intake. The recommended site has 23 acres and offers a buffer between a constructed intake facility and neighborhood residents. Additional environmental and other analyses are underway. Needed easements will be determined as part of this analysis.

    In constructing the facility, we will follow all applicable state laws. We will also be sensitive to the health and welfare of nearby residents. While all construction projects come with impacts, we will work to minimize the inconvenience of temporary impacts, such as dust, and seek to mitigate any identified long-term impacts.

    Meetings to solicit neighborhood input and provide information have been ongoing. A meeting between representatives of the Village of Volente and representatives of the cities of Round Rock, Leander, and Cedar Park is scheduled in the near future.

  3. Judy Graci Says:

    In the last legislature HB2910 passed that required the City of Austin to get Cedar Park’s permission to dump sludge in a quarry Austin owned. At the same time Cedar Park was planning this industrial facility for a Volente neighborhood without any contact to the Village of Volente. Representative Gattis stated, “Cities should have the right to control things that effect their citizens from a health and environmental standpoint.”

    Should the Village of Volente have this right?

    Impact studies requested a year ago have not been authorized.

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