BCRUA Project Update - February 2018

Volente Community Meeting Presentation – June 2017

Phase 2 Deep Water Intake 2016 – HDR

Request for Statement of Interest and Qualifications

RFQ – BCRUA Phase 2 – Professional Engineering Services
**Any questions regarding the RFQ from interested firms must be in writing to Tom Gallier, General Manager via email at [email protected].

**Also please notify Monique Adams via e-mail [email protected] to confirm download of the solicitation document with the subject line of  “BCRUA RFQ – Phase 2.”  This will ensure your contact information is updated and maintained for prompt notification of any changes or addendums to the solicitation.

RFQ – Arbitrage Rebate Services 2014

RFQ – Arbitrage Rebate Services – Addendum #1

Annual Financial Audits

2017 BCRUA Financial Audit

2016 BCRUA Financial Audit

2015 BCRUA Financial Audit

2014 BCRUA Financial Audit

2013 BCRUA Financial Audit

Alternative 8 – Sandy Creek Park – Pumping Station

Site Plan Alternative 8

Pump Station Concept 1

Pump Station Concept 2

Phase 2 – Overall Preliminary Site Plan

Phase 2 – Chapter 26 Hearing Presentation

News Releases

Round Rock Councilmember Frank Leffingwell assumes presidency – July 2017


BCRUA Project Map

Reports (most current documents at the bottom)

    • Phase 1 Raw Water Preliminary Design Report (October 2007)

Report Cover Page, Table of Contents, List of Tables and List of Exhibits

Executive Summary (same document as previously posted below)

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Phase 1 Raw Water Pipeline Route Study

3.0 Floating Intake Modifications

4.0 Raw Water System Hydraulic Analysis

5.0 Pipe Design Guidelines

6.0 Phase 1 Raw Water Pipeline Preliminary Plans

7.0 Raw Water Pipeline Guide Specifications

8.0 Permitting

9.0 Phase 1 Project Cost

10.0 Construction Phasing & Project Schedule

Appendix A – Route Study Tables and Exhibits

Appendix B – 1″=100′ Plan and Profile Drawings

Appendix C – Desktop Geotechnical Assessment

Appendix D – Environmental Impacts

Phase 1 Raw Water Preliminary Design Report – Executive Summary (October 2007)(same document as posted above)

Final Draft — Summary Report for Deep Water Intake Study

Preliminary Engineering Report

Intake 7 Sites Report – Draft

Trails End Road Impact Study

Environmental Issues and Constraints Associated with Joint Intake with City of Austin

HDR Study of Joint Intake with City of Austin

Lake Travis Water Supply Study

Raw Water Pipeline Route Analysis

Intake and Pipeline Technical Feasibility Analysis

Due Diligence Analysis – Deep Water Intake Draft – April 21, 2010

Due Diligence Update – October 2011

Deep Water Intake – Phase 2 Environmental Assessment – June 2012

BCRUA Phase 2 Engineering Feasibility Report – October 2012

BCRUA Environmental Assessment Report Volume 2 – October 2012

BCRUA – Ph II – Deep Water Intake – EA Supplement to Volume 2 – December 2013

BCRUA – Ph II – Deep Water Intake – EA Supplement to Volume 2 – March 2014

Legislative Issues

Testimony From BCRUA Board Member George White to Urban Affairs Committee on HB722, March 26, 2009


BCRUA Blog Archive


DRAFT Deep Water Intake Analysis Criteria Survey

Organizational Documents

BCRUA Articles of Incorporation

BCRUA Bylaws & Master Contract

BCRUA Amended Articles and Bylaws

First Amendment to BCRUA Master Contract

Second Amendment to BCRUA Master Contract

Third Amendment to BCRUA Master Contract